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How Healthcare Providers Can Create Profitable Brands With Owner of SonWealth.Co Dr. Shakquille Notice

Dr. Samantha C. Johnson, for The Layman's Doctor, speaks with Dr. Shakquille Notice about SonWealth.Co, a company created to help healthcare providers create profitabl...

Climate Change Is Happening Now- Here's Why You Should Care!

Today Chevaughn Whyte talks about climate change and how it affects public health, people, communities and Jamaica.

All About Studying Sports Medicine In Jamaica

Learn all about how to study Sports Medicine in Jamaica.

Balancing Medicine And Your Passions With Dr. Rochelle Knight

Dr. Rochelle Knight of Adventures from Elle talks about her journey as a Medical Doctor and a successful blogger and author!

Creating a Budget For PLAB Exams For International Medical Graduates

Learn about how much it cost to do PLAB as an international medical graduate in Jamaica.

Customer Service And Medicine: What Do The Experts Say?

Yanique Grant, an expert in customer service, speaks about ways healthcare service industries can improve healthcare service delivery through improved customer service...


Dr. Anna-Kay Taylor Christmas shares tips on how to build a winning profile for your application to the UHWI O&G programme as well as what to expect during your reside...

Working Towards Financial Freedom: Why Healthcare Workers Should Invest

Dr. Samantha Johnson speaks with Drs. Matthew Preston and Thaon Simms about the benefits of investing for healthcare workers.

Medical Residency In Jamaica Series || Residency Application Process (UHWI)

Dr. Scizar Samuels, a new resident in Neurosurgery at the University Hospital of the West Indies, talks about the residency application process as someone who worked ...

"Nyam Healthy Jamaica": JYAN's Push To Get Healthy Eating Back In Schools

Dr. Samantha C. Johnson from The Layman's Doctor speaks with the Executive Director of Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network (JYAN) about their advocacy around nutrition in s...

Medical Residency In Jamaica Series || ENT: Being Purposeful And Present

The first episode of The Layman's Doctor's "Medical Residency in Jamaica" Series might be all about ENT but is jam packed with useful knowledge for anyone wanting to a...

Failure- The Stepping Stone To Success: A Conversation with Dr. Daryl Daley

A conversation with Dr. Daryl Daley about his journey to becoming an OBGYN in Jamaica.

Eating Well This Christmas

In this episode Samantha from The Layman's Doctor speaks with Dr. Dasima Martin about how we can make small changes to eat better, even at Christmas!

Jamaica, Mental Health Services and You: Commentary on the State of Mental Health Services, Stigma, Discrimination and Access to Care.

In this episode The Layman's Doctor speak to Lanvell Blake and Jhanille Brooks about resources that exist for mental health issues.

A COVID Conversation: Long Covid, Vaccination and You.

In this episode The Layman's Doctor and Dr. Kym Johnson have a conversation on COVID 19. Talking about long covid, vaccination and you.

Medical Residency in Canada: Creating An Attractive Profile As An International Medical Graduate

Dr. Andre Coleman speaks about creating an attractive profile for international medical graduates.

Physiotherapists' Role During The COVID-19 Pandemic

A conversation with two physiotherapist about what the experience is like treating patients during the covid pandemic both publicly and privately.

An Overview of Doing A Medical Residency Programme In Canada As An International Medical Graduate

If you're an international medical graduate interested doing residency in Canada, this podcast is right for you and breaks down the process.

From Medical Officer to US Fellow: Matching After Years In The Jamaican Medical System

Dr. Sulaiman Tijani speaks about how he went from a medical officer in cardiothoracic surgery to an internist and now a fellow in pulmonary and critical care medicine.

Taste of Trinidad: From Doctor to Chef With Dr. Akeen Matthews

In this episode Dr. Akeen Matthews shares how he went from doctor to chef after opening his Trinidadian restaurant Tawah.

The Online Interns: Year In Review

Did changing how the MBBS programme was delivered and tested affect the quality of interns?

How To Match Into A US Residency Program: Learn Concepts and Tactics For A Successful Match

In this episode Dr. Tariq Parker speaks about how he successfully matched into the competitive speciality Neurosurgery at the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital.

A Step-By-Step Guide To PLAB For The Caribbean Medical Graduate

In this episode The Layman's Doctor and Dr. Rochelle Smith discuss the step-by-step process for PLAB with many tips and resources shared.

A Step-By-Step Guide To USMLE For The Caribbean Medical Graduate

Dr. Jason Strachan gives and in-depth step by step guide for Caribbean medical graduates who want to take the USMLE exams. EDIT: In the podcast mention is made of t...

Pharmacists' Role During The Covid 19 Pandemic

The Layman's Doctor speaks with Pharmacist and Health Content Creator, Mischa Christie about the experience of a young pharmacist during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Dr. Shani Mortley: Entrepreneurship In Medicine

Continuing the series 'The Medical Doctor's Journey: Non- Traditional Pathways' Dr. Shani Mortley shares with us her journey to becoming a business woman, finding mult...

Celebrating Cervical Cancer Awareness Month with Emma Lewis

The Layman's Doctor speaks with blogger Emma Lewis about her experience with Cervical Cancer in an effort to encourage screening through Pap smears and getting the HPV...

Watch Your (Bedside) Manners

This week The Layman's Doctor speaks with Dr. Ryan Brooks, a specialist in Internal Medicine, about bedside manner. In this episode they discuss the importance of a me...


In this episode, the Layman's Doctor speaks with Megan Johnson, a medical student, and Dr. Thaon Simms, a Medical Intern. They share their experiences after getting th...

Advocacy with Jaevion Nelson

Jaevion Nelson and The Layman's Doctor discuss advocacy, what it means to be an advocate, and how we can start our advocacy journey. Enjoy!

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