Dr. Shani Mortley: Entrepreneurship In Medicine

Continuing the series 'The Medical Doctor's Journey: Non- Traditional Pathways' Dr. Shani Mortley shares with us her journey to becoming a business woman, finding multiple streams of income, leaving the public system and balancing her life and family.
In another instalment of the series 'The Medical Doctor's Journey: Non- Traditional Pathways' The Layman's Doctor speaks with Dr. Shani Mortley, also known as Dr. Glow. Dr. Glow is the founder and CEO of the Jamaican skin care line Soma Glow and practices aesthetic medicine. Not only does she share how her journey but gives insight into the life of an entrepreneurship and leaving the public healthcare sector to achieve a better work life balance.

Not only is Dr. Glow a successful entrepreneur but she is also a young mother and we thought that would be a great gift for Mother's Day today!

Happy Mother's Day!

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