Dr Tariq Parker: The Journey from Rhodes Scholarship, UK Examinations and USMLE

In this episode in the "The Medical Doctor's Journey: Non- Traditional Pathways" series Dr. Tariq Parker speaks about becoming a Rhode Scholar, studying in the UK and transitioning back into clinical medicine.
In this week's episode, The Layman's Doctor speaks with Dr. Tariq Parker, a Jamaican Rhode Scholar, who shares his medical journey with us. We speak about various paths to assimilate into the UK medical system, touching on the MRCS and PLAB examinations. Dr. Parker gives helpful tips on how to maximise on time while transitioning into the UK. He shares with us how he prepared for USMLE and the various resources he used and gives tips and tricks he has learnt to put forward an excellent application for matching.

In this series "The Medical Doctor's Journey: Non- Traditional Pathways", The Layman's Doctor speaks with medical doctors about their careers and journey's so that more and more Caribbean doctors are aware of the different pathways they can take and the options that are out there for medical doctors.

Resources mentioned:

First Aid USMLE Step 1 available on amazon
Kaplan Q Bank here
Link to ECFMG.
NBME here
USMLE website
UWorld Qbank link

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